Allan Crawford and Associates (ACA) dates back to 1959 when Allan Crawford attended a tradeshow in New York, saw the products created by Fluke Electronics, and brought them back to the company for whom he was working. When the company decided that it didn’t want to carry Fluke products Mr. Crawford went out on his own, partnering with Fluke to bring their products to Canada.

From the get-go ACA engaged in the test and measurement business through ACA TMetrix, founded in 1959. Today, TMetrix is a leading Canadian distributor of test and measurement instruments and design tools—providing industry-leading service to its customers.

ACA has always had a pioneering spirit. As early as the 1960s ACA jumped into the computer market, providing analog computers before quickly moving into minicomputers. In the late 1970s ACA got involved with Macintosh computers, focusing on data acquisition systems. ACA was the first company in Canada to bring gas lasers to the scientific community and to introduce digital osciliscopes. A pioneer indeed.

In 1993 ACA formed Spectra Research Corporation (SRC) to meet the instrument needs of Canada’s scientific community. Today, SRC is the foremost Canadian supplier of scientific instruments to governments, universities and commercial facilities.

In 1997 ACA founded a third subsidiary, Integrys, which now provides products and services in the fields of:

  • Embedded systems
  • Imaging systems
  • Machine vision
  • Video systems
  • Industrial computing
  • Deep learning

Long though our history may be, with our technical savvy and thirst for innovation, the ACA Group looks to the future—to provide solutions to its customers in a rapidly changing world.